Switching Action - Screen Saver
Version 2.0, © 2002, Challenge Products

SWITCHING ACTION is a Windows Screen Saver application which upon activation presents a randomly selected track configuration and railroad switching scenario.  The locomotive proceeds down the tracks, accompanied by railroad sounds, in order to accomplish the switching mission.  Upon completion, another track and switching scenario will be presented.

SWITCHING ACTION is distributed on an autoload CDROM and the software is installed to the users hard disk.  Selection and setup of SWITCHING ACTION is accomplished through the standard Windows Settings... Control Panel...  Display...  ScreenSaver menu sequence.  When SWITCHING ACTION is selected the following options can be selected in the SETUP window:

Select the TRAIN SPEED (Full Throttle, Fast, Medium, or Yard Speed) to set desired animation speed appropriate for your PC. 

Select the desired SCREEN COLOR (Transparent, Black, Green or Grey) for the background. Transparent will leave your Windows screen as the background.

Check the SOUND option ON for sound effects through the Windows Multimedia Sound function.

Check the ALLOW CRASHES to experience random crashes.

Select the TRACK COMPLEXITY to establish the amount of switching difficulty to be performed. Random will display a selection of both simple and complex.

The length of time before SWITCHING ACTION SCREEN SAVER activation is set in the standard Windows selections box.

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